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  • Company Overview
    Position: HomepageCompany OverviewAbout UsTarget

    The management targets of Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Manufactory Co., Ltd. are scale target, output target, quality target, benefit target , market target and staff's income increase target.

    Scale target

    To enlarge the scale and business scope, adjust industrial organization structure and regional layout structure, optimize resource configuration, and increase the efficiency of resources utilization.

    Development target in the future three years

    To develop the markets of industrial profiles and import and export, and optimize the market and product structure; to complete the construction of the headquarter building of the company and choose the location for the southwest branch factory.

    Output target

    By 2015, Parent company and sub-companies in other regions will form a productivity of over 200,000 tons.

    Quality target

    The overall quality level of the main products reaches the domestic leading level and the level of some top-grade products reaches the international advanced level.

    Benefit target

    The comprehensive benefits of the enterprises reaches up to the leading level in the industry.

    Market target

    To Bring about expansion of productive scale by exploring the markets, keep the occupancy rate of domestic market among top six in the country and strive for top three.

    Staff鈥檚 income increase target

    To increase simultaneously with the benefits of the enterprise.

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